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Hebrew Writings-Blog

Hebrew writings are ancient, Anti-Diluvian or Preflood, Diluvian, Judaistic, Biblical, Intertestamental Records of Prophecy, they are; THEOPNEUSTOS. God Breathed statements of Truth. One writer has said the Word from the Book of Truth, has a Direction, Goal and a Destiny. That history begins at Genesis 3:15, the words are made present by being spoken as inspiration to mankind. The words determine the course of our actions; either obedient or not; teachable or not; repentive or not. The Hebrew Bible provides insights, knowledge and understanding, which produces wisdom and makes one holy. The Shema, SH’MA, hear o Nations Jew; Gentile; Arab.  Psalm 78:1 dictates study and research of the testimonies, statutes and judgments; the reason, Deuteronomy 6:18-25. Ezekiel is told to prophesy to the dry bones; “to hear”; Shema’ the word of the Lord. The event sequencial Dry Bones happened during the Holocaust, uniquivically, Daniel 9 was prayed, as they stood in their dry bone camps, to the rescue-redemption World War II; Hertzl; Yehuda; Meir; Rabin; Israel rattled, shaking and trembling to become a sovereign nation again as prophesied; the Book of the Nation was discovered, the Dead Sea Scrolls Reference Works, Words That Changed The World; the nation regathered to the Land; the Kingdom of David restored to Jerusalem; Israel; redeemed from its last and final Captivity. The political, social, military, and international orders under the rule of Devine Word, as the prophetic destiny of Israel, the Nations and Earth are revealed by the concluding Intertestament Bible Literature events begun at Genesis 3:15.